Library Day in the Life 6: Monday

Taking part in #libday6 where Librarians blog about what they do to give an insight into the profession across all Libraries and Information Services.  Are you a Librarian?  Want to tell us what you do, go to Library Day in the Life and sign up.

Me? Well I work in a College Library in Further Education in a College in Wrexham.  I work with a team of people looking after 2 LRCs across 2 sites.

Early start to catch the 7.38am bus which gets me into work for 8.30am start and it’s a mad rush for computers to check facebook messages (students, not us!)

The morning is a continual stream of book issues, book returns, password changes, print credit purchases, overdue fine payments, book sales, book orders, ILL requests, Netbook issues and iPad issues, and book searches.  Phone call queries. Filling photocopiers and printers, sorting out printing problems.  These I do all day and everday.  Interspersed with requests to “keep the noise down” “No Food at the computers” “Please leave as you are too noisy and disruptive” and other phrases that all mean the same thing.

In addition to all that, I collect the papers, journals and post and sort it all out, distributing post and adding Journals to the LMS.

Today I also designed posters, flyers and sign up forms for a Reading Challenge I am setting up for the LRC Reading Group I run.  The Launch is Thursday and I’m hoping for a large take up.

Today also saw the launch of the Books on Prescription service now available in our LRCs.  Tutors and Personal Tutors were invited to the LRC to receive a pack, light refreshments and also to see the books available.

Helped some students who were not confident computer users to logon, access files on Moodle and print to a selected printer.

Lunchtime – half an hour so a quick rush into town to post insurance cheque to the bank, grab a sandwich and hot leg it back to work.

And so to the afternoon.  Well pretty much a repeat of the morning.

Final touches to the 2011 Reading Challenge, making badges.  Having problems finding just the right image to put on the badges.  Will look into this further tomorrow.

Helped student with Word document.  Showed him shortcut key strokes for 1.5 spacing and clearing  OVR off the toolbar.

Helped member of staff find books on teaching and mentoring and advised on the best place to search for Professional Development resources.

2.30pm Internet and Moodle went down.  IT aware but could be off for a while.  Had to fend off the needy “But I NEED the internet to finish my assignment”.  Yes, well we need the internet to do our job, it will be fixed when IT can fix it, which hopefully would be soon.

3.30pm Internet and Moodle finally back and settled.  It’s also amazing how quickly the LRC clears when there is no access to the Internet!

Last hour spent sorting out the wifi on a couple of Netbooks.  Still can’t get them to connect.  Will have to take them to IT tomorrow.

and so to 4.30pm.  Finished and off to the College Cafe for a hot chocolate before catching the 5.35pm bus, which eventually got me home at 6.45pm.


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