Last week both R and I went to the Opticians for our eye tests.  Both of us needed an update to our prescription and both of us ordered new specs.  R’s are just reading glasses and he got the usual BOGOF deal and paid a total of £99.  So he has two pairs exactly the same.  Me, well I have to be different.  Mine are varifocals and they have to be made a certain way without prisms, thinning, and other technical stuff so I can see right with my awkward eyes.  Unfortunately the BOGOF offer doesn’t apply with varifocal lenses so I usually get a pair of prescription sunglasses without the reading addition.  In total mine cost £429.   The most expensive bit being the lenses at £167.50 each!

Thursday, R had a phone call from Opticians to say his glasses were ready.  Now you all know we are car less and the moment and travel to and from the metropolis is difficult at the best of times, so R asked if I could pick them up, or did he have to be there to have them fitted.  He was told, No! as they are reading glasses, there would be a problem and that it would be fine if someone else collected them.

Well you can guess the rest can’t you.  Jobsworth on the counter at first refused to give me the glasses, then she patronised me, telling me all about how the dispensing optician wouldn’t have made up the prescription specifically for Mr B without wanting to check he was fine with the glasses etc.  Well lets just say she met her match.  In order for me to collect R’s glasses on Friday meant I chose not to catch the early bus home at 4.15pm, which meant the next bus home was 5.35pm which meant I had a lot of time on my hands to explain in words of one syllable my feelings on the matter.

R is now wearing his new glasses to read print that is miniscule on food packets and is more than happy.  I bought clothing from M&S while hanging around for the bus and am also more than happy.

Love dealing with Jobsworth!

PS: this should have been yesterday’s post.



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