Church Lantern

Today I went in search for a Photo for my Photo a Day project.  I decided to head towards a part of the town that is relatively free of people.  I headed towards St Giles’ Church.  I’ve not been inside before, but have quite often walked around the outside and looked at the gravestones.  But I didn’t want to photograph a grave, for me that’s too morbid.

I spotted this Lantern next to the entrance to the Church.  As it was a very cold day I thought it looked warm and inviting.  Just as I took the photo, a man came out of the Church and encouraged me to go inside to have a look around, and as he said, it was lovely and warm inside.

Another lovely man came up to me and handed me a leaflet outlining some of the treasures to be found at the Parish Chursh of St. Giles, Wrexham.  For me the loveliest surprise was the roof which is described as a “camberbeam timber roof dating from the 16th century and is supported by corbels sited between the clerestory windows.  Each corbel is decorated with an armorial shield.  The roof is adorned with sixteen musical angels, playing instruments or singing.  At the east end of the roof, the small red face represents the Devil”. (extract taken from Church Guide)

The church inside was warm, welcoming and rather lovely. I would have loved to have photographed some of the interior  but I fear this wouldn’t have been allowed.  Although this is my own summising as I didn’t ask!

Maybe next time!


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