On the Bus!

I’ve been dreading the “journey to work and back again” by bus.  I find them cold, draughty places.  So it was with some trepidation that I joined a collection of passengers on the X94 home from Wrexham.  “I’ll tweet from the bus”  I declared!  Well, yes, I did tweet from the bus, a couple of times, but as for reading tweets, well forget that!  The vibration of the bus was so great, especially hitting all the potholes, that I was seeing double.

So I settled down to listen to music on my iTouch.  Now I’ve downloaded shedloads of music, audio books and podcasts onto my iTouch and I almost never listen to them.  I don’t really have the time during the day and in the evening I’ve just not got around to it.  So it was lovely to hear old and new favourites bellowing out of my earphones.

The gorgeous Duffy, the wonderful Nina Simone, the sublime Kirsty McCall, disco queen Cher (the original!),  Paul McCartney and Wings, and oooooooh yeahhhhhhhhh Mr Barry White himself. Can’t wait to hear what the shuffle has in store for me tomorrow. (reminds self to charge it up overnight)

Now if only my iTouch clipped onto my clothes, stuffing it into my bra for safekeeping I’m sure gave the bloke on the bus opposite me a heart attack!


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