You’ve all read the story of Alfie and Emmy, our two rescue cats we adopted 2 years ago.  They settled in very quickly and over the months, their personalities have come to the fore.

Emmy has come a stage further and is actually getting on our laps and sitting next to us on the sofa.  When visitors come to call, Emmy is all over them, a right little tabby flirt.  The lady who came to measure up for our new windows had a laptop, Emmy decided it was very nice and decided to lie all over it!  Fortunately she didn’t mind.

Alfie is more hesitant about sitting on laps and tolerates being picked up and cuddled.  He does like throwing himself on the floor and having his tummy tickled though and playing with all their toys.  When we have visitors he does runaway and hide.  Sometimes he will come out and see who you are, and of course appears as soon as visitors have gone!! Lately he has become very friendly in the leg rubbing department, and sitting on the sofa arm and touching you with his paw.  He often now rushes up to you, puts his front paws on your knee and stretches up to look you in the face.

He often sits on the arm of the sofa squished down in the cushions for ages, snoring softly away.  Today he woke up and looked all the world as though he was daydreaming, or plotting (as @smilylibrarian commented).  And that gave me today’s photo.  He may only have one eye, but he does have a very expressive face.


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