Public Transport sucks ….

especially when you live off the beaten track.

All this business with the car write off and lack of activity by the insurance company has meant that I have had to hire a car since 20 December 2010.  The inital cost was for 14 is days plus deposit plus insurances, total £604 (includes £200 refundable deposit).  I had to renew this for another week costing £198.  I then had to renew it for another week and this time with increased VAT costing £227.  The hire runs out on Tuesday, and I’ve had to call time because we can no longer sustain the cost.

The insurance company have valued the Citroen Xsara Picasso at £2800 and I lose £200 of that immediately due to the insurance excess.  They won’t pay through the BACS and will only pay out by cheque.  As I have an internet bank account, this means I have to wait for them to process the cheque, post it and for the Royal Mail to take a few days to deliver.  I then have to send it to my bank for processing and wait for it to clear.  At the last count our bank is taking about 10 days to clear cheques paid into them.  Ironic really when you consider it takes them 1 day to clear a cheque I’ve paid out of the account!  Anyway, the upshot is while all this is going on, we can no longer afford to keep hiring a car.

So, public transport. There is a bus service from Glyndyfrdwy to Wrexham, and back again. But at the most ridiculous times.

Getting to Wrexham in the morning is not really a problem.  There is a bus in the village that goes from 7.38am and gets to Wrexham at 8.25am if I’m lucky.  Which means in all probability that I will be late every morning as I start work at 8.30am.

Getting home again is problematic.  Most days I finish at different times due to working patterns (we don’t operate a flexi system, more’s the pity).  There is a bus that goes to Corwen and thereby I can request a stop in Glyndyfrdwy, but that doesn’t leave Wrexham until 5.15pm.  All the earlier buses stop at Llangollen, so I would have to get a taxi home or walk.

Worse still, on Tuesdays, I work until 8pm.  There is no bus at this time.  The only bus home in the evening is 9.05 which gets into Glyndyfrdwy at 9.45pm ish.  And then I have to walk up the lane in total darkness to get home.

I’m sure I’m not the only one who has an awful time trying to fit in bus timetables with work timetables and living in a small corner of the World.   I’m not all that bothered about the earlier times, but I am concerned over the late night bus, because I will be shattered by the time I get home and all the next day.  I’m very tempted to get a taxi on Tuesday evenings but that costs £25!

I have to say it out loud …. IT’S NOT FAIR!


One thought on “Public Transport sucks ….

  1. Oh how utterly rubbish! My hometown has a village level of public transport, as a non driving teenager it was the bane of my life. There were two buses a day in each direction unless you were prepared to walk nearly two miles to a different bus stop and then it was only one an hour. I sympathise completely. Your late night sounds like a particularly bad set of choices 😦

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