Desmond …

sits on our mantelpiece over the fire.  He’s a lovely “cheeky chappie” flatback ceramic dog.

We discovered Desmond sitting on a piano in the The CHapel of Art, in Criccieth and it was love at first sight.  He was a bit pricier than we wanted to pay, but there was no way I was leaving him there!

Sadly,  it would appear that The Chapel of Art is no longer trading. (If anyone knows if it has reopened, perhaps they could let me know).  It was a treasure house of lovely things crafted by Welsh Artists.  There are a number of items I’ve bought over the years including jewellery, watercolours, ceramics, glass and photographs.

It was also a great day out of a weekend, usually culminating in a trip to Cadwallader’s Ice Cream Parlour and a paddle in the sea on the beach.

and that was the story of Desmond!


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