10 things that happened today…

Today has been a day for stuff happening, arriving and getting sorted.

1. Doctor’s appointment to get stuff ordered and to try and sort my painful arm.  Result, possible torn muscle fibres in upper arm rotator cuff muscle.  Now awaiting appointment to see Surgery Physiotherapist for full assessment.

2.  Oil Delivered.  Yayyyy we can now bask in the glory that is central heating and instant hot water.

3.  Window company surveyor to check windows and installation stuff prior to installation of new front door, new back door and 17 windows.  Yayyyyy no more draughts.

4.  Managed to get ILL stats survey done for North Wales Partnership.

5.  Survived another day!

6.  Got home to lovely warm house and tea on the table.  Hot spicy chilli.

7.  Took delivery of a top book on how to knit cute dogs.  These are all going in your Christmas stockings btw!

8.  I didn’t shout at any students today!

9.  In all the rushing around I didn’t have time to do a stunning photo for photoaday challenge.

10.  Which is why I fall back on the emergency stooges I have prowling the house.  Emergency PAD photo for today brought to you from Emmy!


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