Funny isn’t it, a new series on television gets rave reviews, “it’s the funniest thing you’ll ever watch”; “absolutely hysterical” and when I hear reviews like that,  I KNOW  I’m going to hate it.

The new series of Episodes may have Matt le Blanc playing himself, but I’m afraid to say, I am not a fan of Stephen Mangan.  He’s probably a really lovely person, but the characters he plays leave me cold.  I’ve seen a few trailers of Episodes and my mind is made up, my opinion is confirmed.  I hate it.

Unfortunately, husband has highlighted it in the Radio Times and as it doesn’t clash with anything he is allowed to watch it.  I’m watching it through clenched teeth and neither of us have laughed yet!

The dialogue is forced, the scenes are cliched and the characters are nauseatingly crass.  Where oh where is the sparkling edifice that was “Green Wing”?  This is just awful.  In fact I’m about to jump Husband and wrestle the remote from his hand.

In fact, it is so bad, Alfie fell asleep through it!


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