Blogger’s Block

Eighth day in and I’m suffering from Blogger’s Block.  I have lots of ideas, things I’ve done today, things that have happened, but when I sit and think about them, all I can think about is “but is it interesting? is it funny?  will people like it?

Should I care about this, it’s not like thousands of people are reading my blog, but I do care because I’d hate to be boring!  Posting a photo a day is relatively easy.  When I run out of ideas, I have a back up of two adorable cats who can be cute on demand!

I’m sure I’ll get over it and as I’m writing and thinking about what to say, some fresh ideas start popping into my head.  See!  you all helped me talk it through and of course I’ll always have cats to blog about 😉


3 thoughts on “Blogger’s Block

  1. I was just about to suggest blogging your PAD and explaining a bit more about it as a backup 🙂

    It is difficult to write things when you *have* to, I always find it easier to blog when the mood takes me, which is about once a week. But if you are blogging about the adventures of your cats (let’s face it, there’s something to talk about every day with the darlings!) I’ll certainly still be reading!

  2. Polyxena

    Or you could blog every day about your PAD and why you chose! That would be really interesting and you would have a ready made image to post.

  3. Polyxena

    Blogging every day is very hard. I just participated in #blog12daysxmas which some Oz librarians were doing. I did 12 posts but it was a real chore though I did feel a sense of acievement. At the end when others were talking about blogging every week as a resolve I wouldn’t even commit to that. I had already set the others the challenge of #twitterlibrarymysteryamonth and undertook to blog once a month on that. I don’t want to turn something I do for fun as a chore. I will blog at other times as well but when I feel I have something to say. Do you read mysteries? You could do that with us – it would give you one blogpost a month:))

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