We got up this morning, seemed a bit frosty out (approx 6.45am), had our breakfasts and hot cups of tea.  Normal morning, until we then looked out the window an hour later as we drew the lounge curtains.  SNOW!  and snowing heavily, there was about 2″ on the ground.

Well we decided it wasn’t that bad, we’d driven in far worse.  How I wish we just turned round and went back to bed.  The car I’m driving at the moment is a Vauxhall Corsa.  It’s a hire car while we await the verdict on a car we lost before christmas. I don’t like it but it gets us from A to B and back again.  Anyway, de-snowed it, de-iced it and then reversed down the drive on the lane (which is a steep hill).  As I reversed and then turned, the car went the other way on the snow and ended up sideways careering down the hill.  Fortunately I managed to stop the car, but we were stuck, couldn’t get down, couldn’t get up.

After a bit of anglo-saxon swearing, we managed to turn the car around by pushing, then gently riding the clutch got it back up and onto the drive.

So then, after we got our breath back, we walked down the hill to the A5 to see what was happening down in the valley.  We’d already missed the early bus, and the next bus was due soon.  By this time the constant snow had dumped even more snow on us filling in the tracks the car had made earlier!  Having got to the main road, we could see it was bad.  Obviously hadn’t been gritted and it had settled.  The small amount of traffic we did see was driving very slowly.  Got to the bus stop and waited for the bus…. and waited … and waited.  Didn’t arrive.  By this time we were both fed up and cold and exhausted and decided to call it a day and go back home.

To add insult to injury, also heard from our oil suppliers that they were unable to make an oil delivery today as the tankers could not get to our area from Wrexham due to the severe weather conditions.  So we now have no oil for the central heating.

Fortunately we do have electric heaters and coal for the fire … and hot water bottles.

The sheep in the valley were not happy with the return of the snow either!


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