Spidey is found!

I can hear the cries already “Who the hell is Spidey?” Well dear readers, are you sitting comfortably, then I’ll begin.

A long, long time ago, when we lived in the far south (Worthing) we used to holiday a lot in Wales and one particularly fine day we happened upon a lovely town called Ruthin.  Even better, there was a craft centre with a tea shop.  Gorgeous craft centre, very expensive!  We’d had a lovely holiday with Mum in a stunning cottage near Anglesey.  Two weeks of blissful peace and a fair amount of sunshine too.

After our cups of tea and cake we looked around the centre and headed back to the car.  Rowland sort of screeched and pointed out a large spider in the car park close to the car.  He asked me if it was dead!  So I picked it up and said “why don’t you find out yourself” (tee hee! naughty me)  It was a fake, plastic spider with a velvety covering over the body.

How we laughed, Mum and I laughed all the way home to Lichfield.

Eversince that day Spidey has remained with us as a car mascot, living on the dashboard with the occasional “wild ride” from one side of the dash to the other when cornering.  He’s moved car 3 times or more in the course of time, so I can only imagine what he thought when husband decided to play dodgems with the snow and black ice this winter and wrote the car off.

We searched the car but no Spidey.  He must have flown out the car when it crashed and the windows were smashed in.  He must have been so afraid.  In fact husband was more upset at the loss of Spidey than the car.

We’ve been snow bound for a couple of weeks but snow has now finally cleared and we went on a Spidey hunt at the crash site.  Well dear reader, I am happy to inform you, and I know you are all sitting on the edge of your seat in anticipation; that Spidey was found.  A little roughed up, covered in dirt, rock salt and grit but safe and a little frozen.  He has now had a brush and polish and is drying off on the radiator.  He’ll be my handbag buddy until we get a new car where he will once again take up residence.

Welcome home Spidey 🙂



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