Welcome 2011

Well 2011 is here and I, for one, heartily welcome its coming.  2010 was a mixture of highs, which rapidly descended into lows; broken promises, nonstarter projects and disappointments.  There were a few highlight moments, there was that day in June (I think) when the sun shone….. but I digress.

There really is no point looking backwards and dwelling on the negative.  Learn from experience and move on.  I have a plan, not a cunning one, but more of a lifestyle change.  I don’t want to work until I’m 60+  I want to retire soon, I would love to take early retirement but it appears that the powers that be have other ideas.  Rowland retires in two years time and my plan is to finish work at the same time and work for myself, doing what I love, which is making things.  I have two years to get myself to that point where it becomes viable.  This plan is part of my New Year Resolution.  That and to make more of my forgotten talents and interests, one of which is music, specifically playing the Clarinet.  I resolve to play at least one hour of music a day, or at least one piece of music.

One thing I shall be changing is my constant desire to get more qualifications.  I am so sick of constant deadlines, essays, assignments that once the one I am currently doing is finished (soon), that’s it.  I’m supposed to be doing a PTLLS course from April but I’m cancelling that as I am so sick of having no time to myself.

It’s been a good Christmas, nice and relaxing and a chance to watch some fun, silly movies on the TV.  All in all I though the TV this Christmas was awful.  Most of the programmes were repeats and I’ve seen all of them before.  It was almost the voice of Christmas past.

So I am looking forward to next week as there seem to be a fair few good programmes starting and new series of favourite programmes.

New series I shall be looking at are ZEN ( 2.1.11 BBC1);  Stargazing Live (3-5.1.11 BBC2); Arctic with Bruce Parry (2.1.11 BBC2).

Returning series Primeval (1.1.11 ITV1);  Weatherman Walking (3.1.11 BBC1); America’s Next Top Model (3.1.11 Living); NCIS (5.1.11 Channel5)

Hopefully they will all turn out to be cracking good television.

All in all a good start to 2011 🙂


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