Christmas …..

is turning into a bit of a nightmare.  Just when you think you’re clear, life can settle down a bit now, you’ve paid all your debts off, essential repairs and refurbishment on the house are underway; life chucks a spanner in the works yet again.  And yet again it’s at Christmas time.

We seem to have got into a rut of crap Christmasses.

2008 my Mum died.  2009 major incident with heating oil resulting in no delivery over a christmas period which was very cold and snowy, plus the septic tank backed up so no flushing toilets, no washing machine, no dishwasher etc etc. and here we are to 2010.  All set for a lovely Christmas, just a few more days when we can stock up, get home, lock the doors and chill out for a few days when the weather goes crazy.

Having just got rid of a load of snow, we get another huge dump plus ice.  I decided that going to work was not worth it, too dangerous.  Husband, being invincible and deciding that it was imperative that he get to work, took the car.

Well the inevitable happened, going round a bend, hit black ice and snow and ended up turning the car over and sliding down the road.  All down the driver’s side is smashed in, including windscreen, wing mirror, door glass, and petrol cap all gone.  The engine still goes mind!  Husband is OK, very shaken and full of remorse, but then accidents happen.  I’m just so glad that he didn’t kill himself.  As I said on twitter “Cars can be replaced, great husbands can’t”.

So we are car less, we should be getting a courtesy car but the garage haven’t got any.  They should have some but due to the weather, none have been returned.  This leaves us in limbo as far as Christmas is concerned.  We need to get to Tescos for the final bits and pieces for Christmas menus (ish) and I can see me racing to Wrexham Tescos during my lunch hour to pick up what I can carry back, unless I can persuade someone to take me there.

Strangely I’m not too bothered about the car. It would be great if it could be repaired but I’m not too hopeful.  Very weird sensation.  Although enforced inactivity has meant we can crack on with the bedroom decorating.  New laminate floor is finished and new skirting boards are being done.  We might even get the bed built by the end of tomorrow … just need to wait for the mattress to be delivered, fingers crossed.

Hopefully everything I ordered online will arrive by Christmas Day. We have mulled wine and bottles of Crabbies and chocolate, what more do we need!

and have decided I’m not getting another car, I’m going to get a horse.



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