The joys of being owned by a cat …

As those of you who own cats are owned by cats will know, they can be the most capricious of creatures.  My two are healthy, happy and have an easy life after an awful start.  See previous posts for their story!

Saturday dawned and we had our usual alarm clock call with Emmy stomping all over the bed demanding attention and breakfast.  She was scratching at one ear in particular and I, thinking she had fleas, got her off the bed.  After close inspection, OMG! horror of horrors ….. a sheep tick.  Nasty little creatures attach themselves to a nice hot bloodied creature to feed on.

I’ve never had to deal with sheep ticks before but it was inevitable living where we do and so close to a field of sheep.   I launched a question to twitter to see how others dealt with these and apart from the “funny” answers ie Use a Gun from a certain @Tim_Meakins, most people suggested a tick remover from the vets or petshop.  I rang the vets and to cut a very long story short, we ended up there with the vet showing me what to do.  No antibiotics (my purse thanks you muchly) but vet funds were increased by the purchase of two spot-on flea treatments and two worming tablets ….. oh and that nifty little device, a tick remover … all for the bargain price of £26.  eek!  More adventures with administering medication to cats will follow 😉


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