How to give a cat a tablet …

is not gone into in any detail in any cat guide I have.  Wellllll actually it is, but the reality of giving cats tablets is nothing like they describe in books.

Take my recent visit to the vets.  Aside from the spot-on flea treatment I walked out with two worm tablets.  One for each cat.  These are not just worm tablets, these are meaty, tasty, yummy worm tablets.  Just hand them to your cat and he/she will gobble them down.  Yeah right!

One cat at a time as there is a pecking order at breakfast. First up Alfie.  Hunter, Tiger in disguise, rogue, softy.

Alfie loves his food so I was fairly confident that he would eat it from my hand.   Okay! not from the hand.

Next up, disguise the tablet as a biscuit ploy.  Breakfast bowl + cat biscuits + worm tablet.  Presented to one cat.

Well after a few attempts Alfie finally downed the worm tablet.  Hurrah!

One cat down, one to go.  If only it were that easy!

Cat two – Emmy – full on tabby tart, flirt, minx, huntress and tiger.  Emmy will go out of her way to do the opposite of what you want her to do!  So, having sorted Alfie out, tried handing the tablet to her.  No, backed away from it, nasty tablet. Next up, tablet in the bowl of biscuits.  Ate every biscuit in the bowl, left the tablet.  Emmy 2, me nil.  Have to wait until the evening meal now.

Time passes.

So, to the evening meal.  A wet meal.  Lovely duck with game jelly, and mixed in with it is the lovely worm tablet.

Result ….. ahhhh no!  Ate a few bits, pushed the tablet around and decided, no way.

In desperation, I crushed the tablet and mixed it with the remaining food.  mmmm yummy.

Sadly, Emmy decided this smelt like poo and tried to cover it up with her paw.

Unfortunately I can’t leave it down for her to finish later as Alfie (gannet supreme) would finish it off, which would mean he would have had a double dose.  Not good.

Time passes.  Day two.

On the way home I called in at the vets to purchase yet another worm tablet.  So, mein little Emmy.  It is the manual down the throat method for you.  Unsuspecting Emmy greeted me home with lots of cheery chirrups making me feel a heel at what I was about to do.  So thinking “what the hell”  I popped the tablet from the packaging, offered it to her and the little madam took it and ate it there and then.

Smugness is not very becoming on a cat!


2 thoughts on “How to give a cat a tablet …

    1. sarahgb

      I’ve told her she’s going out to work to pay for that second tablet. A massive £4.75 lol 😀

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