Library Day in the life R5 – conclusion

Well didn’t manage to blog about my day on Thursday, although I did tweet about it.  Suffice to say it was not that interesting!

Thursday evening was spent putting the finishing touches to my #mashlib badge ready for the journey to Huddersfield at an ungodly hour in the morning.

Friday – last day of #libday5 and for me the most exciting as it was also #mashlib ChipsnMash at the University of Huddersfield.  The structure of the journey went like this (there will be a separate post to do with #mashlib)

3.30am alarm went off even though it was set for 4.15am.

5.15am set off for Wrexham station.

6.04am  On train with colleague to Chester.

6.25am Arrive Chester, colleague spots escapee from Chester Zoo on platform waiting for the Manchester train!

6.40am Depart Chester on Manchester train.  God knows why we reserved seats! it’s deserted.  Fills up the closer we get to Manchester though with people going to work.

7.41am Arrive Manchester Oxford Road.  Decide to have a drink, tea for Maria and hot chocolate for me.  Bite to eat too.  Hot Chocolate undoubtedly the worst I have ever had.  Hot Chocolate should be thickish and creamy and mmmmm chocolatey.  This wasn’t.  It had the consistency of dishwater, it was the colour of dishwater and had some frothy foam on the top.  It did NOT taste anything like chocolate.  Took it back and described it as above and asked for a replacement drink of cappuccino.  That was passable, but only just!

8.06am Transpennine Express to Huddersfield.  Sat next to adorable couple Mother and Daughter.  Daughter reading Angus, Thongs and full frontal Snogging by Louise Rennison.  Great choice.

8.44am Arrive Huddersfield.  Wonderful plaza with gorgeous architecture.

9.00am (ish)  Caught the Freetownride bus

9.15am (ish) Announcing our arrival at Chips and Mash. Let #mashlib begin.


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