Library day in the life R5 – Tuesday

After a very wet and rainy journey to work, enjoyed refreshing cup of tea with colleague.

Opening the post – usual journals for processing, couple of journal subscription renewal letters and a flyer about “The Construction of Houses” website created by University of the West of England (UWE) in Bristol.  Designed to sit on an Intranet it is perfect for the Construction Dept and also for a few other vocational courses.  Now need to convince the LRC manager that the money is very good value.  The only downside is that it will be provided on a DVD which means our IT department need to upload it to the server.  Oh Joy!  Moving swiftly on …

I tweeted about the Construction website and within 10 minutes got a new follower.  A construction company all the way from the USA.  The power of words is amazing!

Spent the rest of the morning creating posters for the reading groups I manage along with the Reading Communities project I am currently working with.  An umbrella name I run the wiki and netvibes is Reading Choices and the facebook page is Bookmark.  I’ve had mini cards from MOO made up with all the ways to take part.  Brainstormed a few ideas for the tag line and came up with


Explore … Imagine … Discover

I rather like it.  Tomorrow I shall be creating bookmarks with this emblazoned all over!

Around creating masterpieces of marketing there was the usual answering the phone, directing new staff to various parts of the college, ordering print cartridges and drinking tea.  Very few students in the morning meant a quiet time and lots of work done.

Lunchtime – quick trip to Wrexham Library to get some craft books and found a load on Tatting.  My Grandmother and Mother used to do tatting and I’ve inherited the equipment.  Just needs to be seen if I’ve inherited their talent!

Lunch was a salad I brought from home, mmmm

Afternoon tasks – couple of Linc y Gogledd requests, these are ILL loans between partnership of North Wales Libraries be they public, FE, HE or NHS.

Mid afternoon set off for meeting with Head of Reading Communities project to feedback what I’ve been doing over the last few months.  Good meeting, seemed pleased with progress.  I downed a glass of water as I kept losing my voice and it was exceptionally hot in the office.  Glad to get back to the cold LRC!

Rounded the afternoon off with some emails booking an induction day for my next course with Llandrillo College.  ICTL (Level 7 & 8 ) also planning with colleague whereabouts of personnel tomorrow.  Last thing before going home, shutting down and locking up.

Short journey home to cooked tea (homemade chilli) and cat cuddles 😀


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