Library Day in the Life – Round 5 – Monday

It’s that time of year when Librarians blog, tweet, photograph or text their day.  I started Library Day in the Life at round 4 which was January this year and a lot has happened & changed in my work environment.

Let just say the day did not start well, cats decided to bring in extra nutrition from the garden for breakfast.  Fortunately the female chaffinch was OK.  Easy journey to work as the schools, colleges and Unis are all closed for the summer.

Chatted to my colleague over early morning tea about allocation of jobs for the two work experience staff we have with us this week.  They are a great help with the more mundane tasks that have to be done.

Started the morning editing our bookshop stocktake spreadsheet.  Checking our other campus stock against invoices for RRP and discount given.  Time consuming but finally got it together in time for lunch.  Meantime negotiating with FGLibrary for a new counter to be installed on the ground floor of the LRC.  It is the front desk for the LRC and as such needs to be stunning with the WOW factor.  If we can get what FGLibrary have designed for us we will be very happy.  Our current desk, while serving a purpose, is woefully out of date, doesn’t comply with DDA and feels more like the Berlin Wall than a welcoming, friendly desk to all that come to the LRC.

Post for the day saw the arrival of a few journals and a book order.  Saved that for the afternoon.

Lunch – a walk into Wrexham for some fresh air but it was more like a warm wet blanket.  Very humid so felt really sorry for Wrexham Council Staff who were all outside due to a fire alarm.  Great to see a few firemen in my lunch hour though 🙂  Sandwiches bought (tuna) and back to work.

Afternoon saw more of the international students in using the computers although one group were leaving that afternoon.  Some issues with passwords swiftly sorted along with some rowdy behaviour!

Afternoon tasks included supervising our Italian work experience student, processing journals onto our LMS, cataloguing some books for tutor who picked them up later in the afternoon.  Also planning a post for the LRC Bookmark facebook page.  I administer this along with a number of sites for Reader Development and the reading groups I set up earlier this year.  It’s all starting to come together and I’m really looking forward to the new intake to get them all on board.  Worked on some marketing material for these for freshers fair at the beginning of term.

Later worked on our LRC Netvibes as some of the links keep going down.  Not quite sure why but working on it. Again working on some marketing material for our Netvibes to promote it heavily as the place to go for information and quick and easy access to e-resources.

Rapidly approaching 4.30pm and the LRC is deserted apart from my colleague and myself.  Started the lock up procedure and headed for home for cat cuddles 🙂


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