Rain …..

Yet again,the summer is here, schools, colleges and unis have finished for the summer (and yes, I know some of you work through, me too!)  and the weather takes a nose dive.  After some gorgeous weather in June, searing temperatures, brilliant sunshine, blue skies, we are now looking at what I consider to be, a typical british summer day.  Rain, low cloud, and cold.  The cat’s have decided they’re not going out and Emmy is fast asleep in front of the fire.  I can’t believe we are a week away until August.  I do hope the weather improves.  Please!

Weather rant over, this weekend sees a mammoth effort to make my conference badge for the next Mashed library event, Chips and Mash.  There is a prize. Competitive?  Hell yeah 🙂

Next week sees the round 5 of the Day in the Life project.  Should be interesting as a lot of librarians may be on leave.  Not me! I have a lot of stuff  to get through and of course, on Friday, I shall be winging my way to ChipsandMash in Huddersfield.


One thought on “Rain …..

  1. alaskanlibrarian

    As Britain goes, so does Juneau, Alaska, USA. We’ve got 15C with rain today. Been like that for the last few weeks.

    Looking forward to your Library Day in the Life Posts.

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