Must try harder …..

hmm, thought I’d just check a few details and didn’t quite realise how long it’s been since my last post!  Yes indeed! Must try harder.  The reason for this post is that we are thinking of changing our central heating system but in addition to changing radiators we were also thinking of changing the fuel we use.  I thought I’d put the question out to twitter but I need slightly more than 140 characters!

Our current system is an oil fired boiler running 16 radiators in a house with 12 rooms.  The oil tank holds 2 500 litres of oil and at the moment costs over £1000 to fill.  To heat all year round we need to fill the tank about twice a year.  What we usually do is put 1 000 litres in twice a year usually in October and December.  If we can afford it we’ll top up another 1 000 litres in March.  We don’t use it between April – October, saving any oil for the winter.  The cost of oil has become so expensive that we really can’t sustain the heating any longer.

We were on a monthly payment scheme with our current suppliers but after the appalling customer service and lack of promised deliveries over Christmas and the fact that they keep changing the terms of the payment scheme means we have told them to cancel our account.

So we are left with a heating system we can no longer afford to run.  So what other options are there to fuel a heating system?  What do the rest of you heat your homes with? Do any of you have an unusual way to heat your homes?  Are they cost effective?  I would be really interested to know.


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