A Lovely Weekend

After a particularly gruelling week at work, I was determined to have a good weekend.  For me, mood cheering activities include visiting favourite places and spending money.  Not a lot of money, but money on something frivolous ie not grocery shopping.  This weekend we decided to shake our shopping habits up a little bit and go to Tescos in Ruthin rather than our usual Sainsburys in Oswestry.  They are both about the same distance.  We have been there before and so looked forward to getting the shopping done and then collapsing in the Cafe at Ruthin Craft Centre for a steaming, hot cup of tea and teacakes.

I like to go shopping really early and so we arrived at Tescos to a virtually empty carpark.  Oh what a joy to wander up and down the aisles unhindered by hordes of people.  The opportunity to take time to peruse the shelves and consider purchases without some idiot crashing their trolley into your backside with nary an apology.  By 9.30am we were out the door and heading to the car to pack our groceries away.  With a spring in our step we drove to the Craft Centre (yes I know it’s only about 20 metres away but I didn’t want to clog up Tescos car park which is a lot smaller than the Craft Centre’s).  Parked and headed to the entrance.  Wherein we discovered to our horror that it did not open until 10.00am.  Curses.

So we thought, let’s go to the electrics place and look at freezers (such an exciting lifestyle). Yes we are in the market for a new freezer.  Ours is on it’s last legs and isn’t big enough.  We do like to bulk buy and all of our bread and milk is frozen in case we get snowed in.  This was a godsend when we were indeed snowed in a few weeks ago.  Having dragged R. past the big shiny TVs to the back of the store to where the freezers were, I have to say I was mightily disappointed with the range.  Four freezers were on offer.  None of which I was particulary impressed with.  Except one, and yes it was the most expensive and the biggest! but I refuse to pay over £700 for a freezer.  Good God! I only paid £100 for mine, when did freezers suddenly become so expensive.  For heaven’s sake it only freezes stuff.

I digress. So our ploy of killing half an hour looking at freezers killed about 5 minutes and my faith in white goods.

So a choice.  Home or hang around for the Craft Centre.  R chose home, I chose the Craft Centre.  Because I had made my mind up, I wanted to buy something and I wanted it from RCC (Ruthin Craft Centre).  We parked up and walked into the town centre.  This gave me an opportunity to take a few photos and spotted that Ruthin now has a Farm and Pet shop.  Great news, so we bought some stuff for the cats which included a good brush (moulting season).  By the time we walked back to the car, RCC was open and we headed for the cafe.

But before we got there we noticed that the exhibits in the exhibition space had changed since our last visit.  Aha, a detour.  The latest exhibition is “Treasures of the 21st Century”.  Silver from Goldsmith’s Hall from 1980 to 2008.  It was a wonderful experience discovering some truly breathtaking objects, crafted in silver and other materials.  My particular favourite was a pair of objects.  Both bowls, but one was crafted in glass with patterns, the other was crafted in silver with holes cut into it.  These holes were based on the patterns in the glass bowl.  It was beautiful.  Then there was the silver water jug, and the fruit platter.  If you are in the area and get chance to visit Ruthin Craft Centre please do.  It never fails to put a smile of wonder on my face.

Attached to this is the Centre Shop.  Very dangerous, full of precious, beautiful, crafted things including my favourite……jewellery.  But jewellery that you won’t find in high street shops.  Picked a couple of items but went to the cafe for tea and teacake to mull over which one I liked best. Choice made, earrings bought.

Home at last and another surprise, a bag of goodies from yourracingcar.com which led a conversation on Twitter, which led to me buying tickets to Rockingham and the tweetup.  Really looking forward to this and meeting some lovely people from the land of Twitter and seeing some excellent racing, Oh and apparently, a giant inflatable pig!

Sunday also promised joyful things and wasn’t a disappointment.  After a lazy morning (ish) a very good friend and her husband came round in the afternoon, bearing gifts and chocolate cake.  I haven’t seen them for over 20 years.  We’ve kept in touch but our paths haven’t crossed until now.  It was great to see them both, they haven’t changed a bit! but sadly time was limited as they had to get to Lake Vyrnwy before dark.  Let’s hope it’s not another 20 years before we see them again.

I also set up another blog, this one is my reflective journal required for my last OU course which starts today.  If you want to know any more about this you’ll need to follow the blog “work in progress”.

It was indeed….. A lovely weekend 🙂


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