Library Day in the Life – Friday

Today is the last day in the Library Day in the Life project and even Librarians need time off.  I took today off to really knuckle down and get a major part of my NVQ (NVQ3 ILS) last unit done.  The questions I’ve done, and most of the evidence can be found by cross referencing evidence from previous units.  This is time consuming and although I get a couple of sessions away from the front desk, an hour and a half in the morning, and an hour in the afternoon; this isn’t enough time to dedicate to doing just one thing. Fortunately the peace and quiet of home (well as much as you can get with two cats and the lure of twitter!) I’ve managed to get most of the evidence summary recorded.

New evidence for the use and management of resources will be the initial idea of using netbooks and wifi as a solution to our problem of too few computers in the LRC culminating in a successful bid for money to install wifi and the purchase of 15 netbooks which should be arriving any minute now.  Next week sees me getting them onto the LMS, security coded and a system of booking sorted out.  We also have some ipod itouches that a colleague and myself will be investigating on the best way to utilise these within the LRC and for information literacy sessions.

So as far as #libday5 is concerned, there has not been much action.  The whole experience of recording what I do during the day has been illuminating.  I thought what I did would pale in comparison to other librarians but actually, this isn’t so.  Every librarian or library worker has an important part to play within their own establishment/institution.  I realised I actually do a lot and over the next few months I am going to have to delegate some of these responsibilities because I have a new and exciting additional role.

For the next few months I shall be working 2 days a week as a Reading Communities Co-ordinator for Wrexham.  The principle responsibilities of this role are

  • To arrange displays of the selected short-list books
  • To encourage voting to enable the public to choose their favourite books from the short list
  • Organize a high profile campaign to promote the winning titles linked to World Book Day 2010
  • Establish and support reading clubs aimed a young people by working with partners to present reading in an exciting and dynamic way
  • To market the project through extensive press and media coverage and an innovative approach to promotional activities and events
  • plus admin duties including evaluation report

This is exciting, challenging and getting back to hands on promoting reading. I shall still be working the other 3 days where I am now, but some of the work will have to be taken on by some of the Library Assistants.

So working in libraries can also throw up opportunities, projects that need people who are enthusiastic and prepared to challenge themselves.   Being a Librarian is the best job in the world.  I may have come into Librarianship late in my career but it was worth the wait.

PS Don’t tell the students, they’ll think I’ve gone soft 😉


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