Library Day in the Life – Thursday

Great start to the day as I work 12 – 8pm on Thursdays.  Lying in bed playing footsie under the duvet with my two cats is pure luxury.

In work by 11.50am, no room in the carpark so had to find a space on the road.  One drawback of not working in the morning, someone nicks your carparking space.    No time to draw breath, colleague fills me in on what’s happened in the morning and off we go with lunchtime mayhem.  Thursday groups are the noisiest of the week and it’s a constant battle to keep the noise levels down to a dull roar!

Still no myPC on the computers, an IT person arrived and filled me in on the lowdown.  Basically, IT have no idea why it’s not working, working everywhere else apparently.   Upshot is, every machine might need to be rebuilt…. oh joy!

Dealt with usual stuff, selling stationery, books, issuing/returning resources. Noticed cash register making funny noise, tracked source of noise to till roll department, thought it was stuck but turned out needed replacing.

2.00 – 3.00pm  browsing through shelves checking stock.  This is something I do periodically and take a few items to weed.  Usually unrepairable, out of date, defaced or no longer relevant.  I do this in small amounts as it is more manageable, we recycle them in the normal paper waste.  Today I identified 6 books

  • Gears for small mechanisms (1969)
  • Car Maintenance (1984)
  • Fundamentals of Servomechanisms (1970)
  • How things work 1 (1972)
  • How things work 2 (1972)
  • and a gem….Boring, Mortising and Tenoning (1949).  It cost 5/- net!  The illustrations are priceless.  I have taken some photos.

Helped one of the Autovehicle technicians with a book order he requested yesterday.  Books were requested from main LRC but have not arrived yet.  Sent email to chase up and left note for my Friday colleague to keep an eye out for them as I am on leave tomorrow.

Sat with colleague to show her the delights of entering journals onto the Serials checkin on our LMS (Softlink Liberty 3).  It’s a new venture for us and there have been problems with data not being saved correctly but fortunately today was problem free.  Left her to do a few on her own while I went for a bite to eat before my #latenightlibrarian shift.

4.30 – 8pm Chatted to ESOL night class tutor about resourses she would like to be held here in the LRC.  Easy enough, the resources are all over at the main LRC and I can just request a transfer.  Mainly requested dictionaries, thesaurus and some easy Quick Read stories.

Couple of students in until 6pm, very quiet so took a few minutes to check emails and twitter.

From 6pm extremely quiet so took opportunity to download “evidence summary forms” and questions for last NVQ unit.  Have been working towards NVQ3 Information and Library Studies for past year and am within site of the finish.  Completing evidence summaries is not my favourite pastime.  Get confused with the numbering!  I shall be glad when it is gone….it weighs a ton!

Finally time to lock up and go home.  Looking forward to another lie in tomorrow


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