Library Day in the Life – Wednesday

Half way through the week so why was I convinced this morning that it was the weekend!  Oh well…. get the bag packed.

Arrived at work at 8.15am opened up the LRC noticed that 3 computers at back were on.  Now I’d shut them down last night when I locked up, so who has been in to use them.  Shouldn’t be anyone once the LRC is shut and locked.  Will have to investigate.

8.30 – 9.00am  rush of students in for stationery items, computer access and photocopying.  myPC still not on the machines, must send email to IT to remind them job outstanding.

9.00am – 10.00am colleague arrived, went to Grove Park to make sure today’s speaker for Money week was OK and everything ready for him.  Synchronised diaries with her (well she is my boss)  so that she knows when I’m out of the LRC with meetings and training seminars.  Extended my leave at half term to the whole week.  Hooray – going to sleep the whole week!

Class arrived for computer use, everyone settled, some forgotten passwords, usernames, print credit top ups sorted out.  Helped some with their project work using excel and powerpoint. Sorted out printer problems, cartridges needed replacing.

Second class in at 10.30am bit rowdy this lot but harmless.  Spent half an hour banking up previous takings to add to last weeks for colleague to take to finances at main campus.  Sorting through emails to find contact details for colleague, sent some links through to e-resources project group thought they would find useful leading me nicely to lunch.

Lunch – cheese and ham sandwiches scrub that it’s too cold to eat sandwiches from the fridge.  Wandered down to the canteen to see what was on offer.  Mmmm pasta bake.  Resisted the treacle sponge and custard though!

Afternoon shift and change of colleague.

1.00 – 2.00pm updated diary with where everyone is next week.  Lots of training seminars and meetings, so team in different locations.  Hope nobody forgets where they are!  Updated google calendar with fresh computer bookings.  Book People rep dropped off 15 books with us.  Displayed on retired book trolley, made up a few posters to spread around the site and a group email to staff letting them know the titles available.

Talked over half term opening hours with boss, she would like to close this site for 3 days, sending email out to everyone to check no-one needs the LRC on those days.

2.00 – 3.00pm quick break down to coffee shop for hot chocolate and turkish delight.  Then back to work. Repositioning fiction shelves and fiction displays.  Have selection of display shelving within shelving and stands for books to display face out rather than spines.  Been getting to grips with different scenarios and playing with matching and complimenting book covers on these, even though it goes against my strict sense of the alphabetical!

3.00 – 4.30pm back on front desk while colleague has a break (she’s doing #latenightlibrarian tonight) lots of requests for help locating books on shelves, electrical engineering starter motors (three phase)….book found; contract management  in the built environment, unable to locate copy with latest regulations in so tracked one down at Glyndwr and put in ILL request.  New partnership in North Wales (Linc y Gogledd) between all FE, HE and public libraries in North Wales can lend out books to all.  Hoping in future to bring in school libraries.  Problem at the moment because most do not have online catalogue.  Further requests for sex education resources, sent request to main campus to send over from main collection.

Group of students rushing in last minute to request photocopying of huge chunks of books, unfortunately (for them) this violates copyright and conditions of licence so refused.  Tutor located and advised of legalities, pointed him in right direction for LRC guidelines to legalities of photocopying on Moodle.

Rounding my day off nicely, phone call from reception reminding me to pick up Amazon parcel.  Husband will be pleased, he now has a 1 terrabyte external hard drive.

Journey home in dark and damp (well pouring with rain) weather.  Thankful to get home in one piece and very tired.


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