Library Day in the Life – Tuesday

Slightly different journey into work today as spending the morning at the main campus LRC.  3 floors and very large.  Start the day with cup of coffee and catching up with colleagues I see all too infrequently.  Stayed on the main enquiry desk taking computer bookings, issuing/returning resources, raking in fine money, sold a few course books and helped couple of students with photocopying.  Ordered load of photocopying and printer paper from main reprographics dept to be sent over to Bersham LRC.  Also tried to update “Using LRC Resources from home” leaflet but unable to as computer kept crashing.

Coffee break then quick scan of Reading Communities website before meeting with Library’s Officer for Wrexham.

Walked to Council offices for meeting.  Discussed project parameters and job description.  Hours to be sorted with LRC manager to fit in with current job.  Further meeting arranged for next week for all members of project.  Looking to do 2 days a week for Reading Communities and rest of week at College.  Looking forward to meeting rest of team next week.

On return to college met with LRC manager and colleague for quick meeting about setting up project within LRC which we touched upon about 6 months ago but with staffing cuts and redundancies was put on the back burner.  Exciting to work with colleague not worked with before.  Looking at use of ipod touch in induction sessions, uploading short videos (youtube) on use of LRC services, access to e-resources etc.  So starting next week every Wednesday morning will be sourcing, collaborating and researching.  Excellent news.  Exciting!

Lunch – fabulous home made cheese and ham sandwiches washed down by stimulating cup of coffee.

Back at Bersham base and surprise, two more computers have gone down.  Reported to IT.  Helped tutor with printing problem which turned out to be lack of print credits!.  Helped another tutor with Microsoft Office Access problems.  Turned out the problem was his drive was full so there wasn’t enough disk space to open document.  Advised him to delete some files or transfer them to a USB stick.

Heard on grapevine (rumours, rumours) that the restricted access policy for “social networking sites” is to be removed after half-term as too many complaints, plus students have started massive Facebook petition campaign!!!    Mark you, I’ll believe it when I see it.  I may be back in the land of Twitter during the day after all.

Spent a few minutes showing students how to register their iphones/ipod touch for wifi access and how to find wifi address.

Looked up location of couple of venues for meetings next week on google maps.  Know where I am going now.

Had great hour showcasing use of ipod touch and netbooks to tutor, showing him what we can do, how he can take advantage of.  Plus introducing him to flickr and all the wonderful things you can do now like printing, calendars, photomontages and cards.  Well impressed.

Last minute chasing students out of LRC so I can lock up for the night.  Usual last minute rush of tutors with 5 minutes to go, to get photocopying done.

Finally on way to car noticed sky was the most unusual colour.  Looked as though it had been backlit. Wasn’t orange hued, but more a pinky, lilac colour, but not in patches, the whole sky was washed with this hue.  I’d almost swear it was going to snow…..but that would be wishful thinking.

Same again tomorrow, well nearly….Wednesday is our busiest day with both fulltime and parttime students all clamouring to use the limited resources.  Oh and something to look forward to….. the delivery of 15 new netbooks.


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