Library Day in the Life – Monday

This year I’m taking joining in with the Library Day in the Life project.  This is where lots of Librarians and Library workers contribute to a project by writing about their day and/or week.  This can be done by blogging or tweeting (#libday4) or completing a photojournal.  I had originally planned to tweet all that I did throughout the day.  Unfortunately the College where I work has recently taken the step to restrict access to ALL sites classed as “Social Networking” and “Personal” sites.  This has seriously affected the way I work, effectively cutting off all avenues of networking, marketing, promoting and communicating with our students and colleagues and the greater community.  I am not a happy Librarian.

So instead I’m posting a summary (ish) of my day.

Day 1 – Monday 25 January 2010

Journey to work was busier than usual, strange because I wasn’t late!  Not a good star though, got to the LRC only to discover I had left my keys on the kitchen table.  Fortunately not long to wait for colleague who cleverly remembered her keys.  On opening up the LRC noticed the computers yet again were not communicating with MyPC, despite IT stating they would get it sorted over the weekend.

First thing Monday morning usual stream of students wanting pens, pencils, erasers, etc before lessons start.  I mean, come on! who attends College and doesn’t bring at least a pen with them!  They all remembered their mobile phones!

Checked diary computer bookings against MyPC bookings to see if  all was well and updated google calendar with this information. Booked 2 more classes into free slots.  Phoned IT to report MyPC problem with communication.  Usual IT answer, “Please restart one of the machines and phone us back”.  Okayyyyy, while that machine thought about restarting, took last week’s takings from the till, balanced accounts and bagged money ready for banking.  Phoned IT back, restarted computer still not showing MyPC start screen.  IT blinded me with some excuse but someone will be out over the next few days as the machines need to have something done to them on site.

Going through emails, one from Quick Reads inviting me to do online survey to win set of new Quick Reads coming out in March.  Done.  Others from College CPD online reminding me to complete Training Evaluation forms for couple of courses I attended last year.  Done.

Took receipt of books for LRC bookshop I run, completed quick mini stocktake and priced up new books ready for shelves.

While doing all this I also answered the phone, reset passwords, added print credits, booked students onto computers and issued/returned  LRC resources.

Late morning, ignoring the stomach rumbles, talked to students about Money Week at Yale.  Showed them freebies and schedule of events taking place, plus competition to guess the value of branded shopping bag against “value” shopping bag.  Pointed out that Librarians could be bribed with promise of a Milka chocolate bar for answers.

Finished cat and class by sticking spine labels on last of books ready to be shelved.  Photocopied pile of work for tutor and rushed out the door ready for lunch.

Afternoon excitement, Built Environment Tutor in class next door constructing bridges with students, needed really heavy books to test strength of students’ bridges.  Knew Websters would come in useful for something!

Tried to get few quiet moments to prepare for meeting tomorrow with Wrexham Council’s Library Officer about my secondment role of Reading Communities Project officer.  Website in process of being changed so unable to get information I wanted.

Busy afternoon with lots of tutors and students wanting photocopying to be done.  Spent ages running around trying to locate Exam Practice Papers for photocopying after colleague helpfully moved them out of the way.  Found!

Printed off couple of articles and documents that should have been included in student’s workbook, but wasn’t.

Overuse of photocopier meant half an hour tracking down bits of paper in the workings after tutors tried to rip paper out.  Please leave this to the professionals, we have been trained…you haven’t!  Sorted in the end.

Late afternoon – advised group of lads that their behaviour was well below that required for continued use of the LRC.

Rest of afternoon trying to sort out increasing number of faults on PCs, printers and the poor old photocopier, along with fresh batch of forgotten passwords and running out of print credits.

Early finish and off home to write all this up and do it all again tomorrow.

I work in an FE College LRC with one colleague.  We do everything.  We are the reprographics service, we are the stationery ordering department, we are the resource centre and we get asked everything 🙂


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