Two Foot Thick……

DSC00013walls are great.  They provide lovely deep window cills and upstairs can be converted to window seats.  They are great places for cats to lounge around in the sun and for the display of wondrous items; although said wondrous items are having to be relocated because said cats find them a distraction when lounging!

In the winter when the elements are battling outside for supremacy, inside is a cosy den of warmth, boosted by our lovely coal fire and (when we can afford the oil) central heating.  Once the house is warmed up the 2ft thick walls act as a giant storage heater.  That is “once the house has warmed up”.

In the summer when it is boiling hot outside, inside the house is a cool haven, but never cold to the point where you need additional heating.  More the contrast between really searing temperatures outside and the cool relief indoors.  That is until this summer.  Due to the almost constant rain and cool temperatures outside, the house hasn’t had chance to warm up.  I refuse to put the central heating on because the cost of oil is downright ridiculous…and summers should be sunny and warm….right?

The past few days the weather has been glorious.  The mornings have seen the valley shrouded in low lying mist but the hills and mountains are bathed in a warm glow…sunshine.  All mist by midmorning has burnt off leaving us with warm temperatures and a sunny disposition.  Until you come into our house with those thick walls.  It’s freezing.  The house hasn’t warmed up all summer and the difference between outside and inside is further apart then ever before.  It’s lunchtime and it’s gorgeous outside and we have the heater on to warm the house up.

Madness……. but then when all is said and done…. I wouldn’t trade in my thick walls, because where else would the cats play  🙂



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