Alfie and Emmy

A while ago our beloved cat Wookie passed away in his sleep.  He was 21 years old and we’d had him since he was 5 months old.  He left a huge gap in our lives as he was an only pet who ruled our house!!! wookie on windowcill1

Ever since then we have talked about getting another pet but we didn’t feel the time was right.

A few weeks ago we visited a animal rescue shelter but were disappointed by conditions there and came away wondering if adopting a cat from a place such as this was a good thing or not.  A week ago we decided to give it another go but this time went to the Cat Protection League Centre in Wrexham.  Lovely staff and the place was clean and the cats all looked very healthy and well cared for.  We were invited to view all the cats, read their histories and advised to clean our hands with antibacterial hand gel if we touched cats through the cage before we touched others to avoid any cross infections.

It is so hard not to be moved emotionally by seeing cats in such a confined space and with such dreadful stories and histories.  I just wanted to take all of them home.  Although young cats are very endearing I thought we would look at rehoming 2 older cats.  It is very difficult when you find a cat that is utterly charming, beautiful and you lose your heart over to read, not to be homed with other cats.  I swore after Wookie I would never home an only cat again.  We had to move on.

Rowland spent some time playing through the bars with two cats and fell in love instantly with them,  I could tell.  We went through all the cats there and after chatting with the staff they said had we seen Alfie and Emmy.  These were the cats Rowland had been playing with.  We went back and this time went in with them to see how they responded with us.

Their story is heartrending.  They were abandoned at the CPL in Wrexham in a cardboard box on the doorstep.  They were a few weeks old, brother and sister.  They had cat flu, conjunctivitus, ringworm, lice and fleas.  It is a testiment to the hard work, patience and love of the CPL staff that these two survived and pulled through, although in Alfies case not entirely unscathed.  The conjunctivitus caused his one eye to ulcerate so badly that it burst and had to be removed.  Some months later they have a clean bill of health and can be rehomed.  They are now 11 months old and have never known a home environment.

The CPL wanted them to go to the right home and fortunately for us, after a nail biting wait for the home visit, we were deemed fit to rehome Alfie and Emmy.  A week ago today we brought them home and they have adapted and settled in amazingly well.  For pictures of their first week with us have a look at my flickr page. IMG_0662


3 thoughts on “Alfie and Emmy

  1. What beautiful cats. My last cats were brother and sister that I had since they were a few weeks old. Having two is great, they are lovely company for each other and apart from anything else, the entertainment value is priceless!

  2. What lovely cats, and how nice of you to take in cats who’d had such a hard start in life. They look really happy in the picture!
    Vashti (serenalaburnum on Twitter, where I use a pic of my own adored 14 year old cat!)

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