The Simplicity…

…of going on holiday with no expectations of grand visits, excursions or even good weather.  A couple of weeks ago we went to Anglesey for a few days away.  We booked a delightful B & B in Beaumaris with stunning views and a bedroom suite to die for (Tapestry Room).  We’ve visiview from bedroomted Anglesey many times, I even have relations living on Anglesey although contact was lost with them years ago.  Sadly I don’t know their names to look them up either, but I digress.  We’ve visited all the usual tourist spots, done the touristy things so were looking for something different to do that did not cost a lot of money.  On doing the usual Google search I came across Visit Anglesey.  This is a fantastic site as you can search for things to do and save them in an itinerary.  The inspirational part was finding loads to visit that didn’t cost anything.  We got carried away and limited ourselves to £3 max entrance fee for anything we went to.  For us the highlight of the holiday was the unbelievable weather.  Record scorching temperatures, sunshine, little wind and yes….it was hot.

To keep costs down we treated ourselves to an evening meal out on the first day, then waited to see what the weather was like before committing ourselves on the other evenings.  Needless to say we had some scorching picnics on the beaches at Llanddona and Newborough all free (although it does cost £3 toll to get to Newborough beach car park. Llanddona Beach

We visited museums, art galleries, windmills, replica round houses, bronze age burial mounds, mining museums, heritage centres, and the most stunning of all, Nature Reserves in particular Cors Bodeilio and Cemlyn Nature Reserve.  Cors Bodeilio was beautiful, swelteringly hot and we were the only ones there.  It has a boardwalk over the fenland marshes and it is awash with orchids, wild orchidwildflowers, grasses and reeds.


We were so lucky to see swifts (they might have been swallows) swooping down over the ponds and scooping up water.  Absolutely magical.  By the time we thought of it, it was too late to take a photo!!!

Cors BodeilioWe had a fantastic time, boosted by the incredible weather, but enhanced by the fact we spent hardly any money on entertainment.  To coin a popular phrase “Simples”.

If you would like to see where else we went visit Anglesey 2009 on Flickr.


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