Discovering New Authors

storm frontI love reading books.  I love the surprise of an unexpected ending; the suspense and tension of thrillers, the wonder of exploring other worlds and cultures.  I’ll read almost anything.  I say almost because as a teen, I started to read Mills and Boon.  After reading about 6 books I’d worked out the system to the storylines and gave up reading them after that.  A good book is one that leaves me breathless; one that makes me go WOW, what a rollercoaster ride of a story and I have to read it all over again.

I have my favourite authors whose books adorn my bookshelves all over the house.  Anne McCaffrey; Kathy Reichs; Carl Hiaasen; Paula Gosling; Peter Robinson and Janet Evanovich to name but a few.  I have many, many more books in my collection.  As a Librarian it’s my job to seek out new books for the library and source new authors that will inspire, tempt, aggravate and kindle that spark that sets new readers off onto a journey of discovery.

So I take great pleasure when I discover, at random, a new author for myself.  I mean just for me, because I’ve read numerous books by authors I have not come across before, all in the name of the job.  I need to know what the books are about and the authors before I can recommend them to patrons.  So to stumble across someone I’ve never heard of before in a lunchhour spent in Waterstones is pure joy.  Browsing the sci-fi fiction section I spotted a run of books by the author Jim Butcher.  I was particularly taken with the design of the spines and covers, and the blurb on the back described the main character as a Wizard.  There’s a whole series of these.  I liked the feel of the book, I enjoyed reading the synopsis, I enjoyed the first few pages and so bought the first book of the series, “Storm Front” Book One of the Dresden Files.  It’s a personal choice of book all for me.  I don’t have to worry that no one else will like it and whether it will be a popular choice on the shelves.  Only I have to justify the £6.99 and so far it’s perfectly justifiable, and the beauty of it is that there are loads more in the series.

Now just have to persuade my local library to get them in stock so I don’t have to buy anymore!!!!!


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