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Venetian mooring posts

I decided ages ago to put some photos on flickr as it seemed that everyone else was.  At the time I couldn’t really see the point.  I’ve already got all my photos on my hard drive.  I’ve got them all backed up on a pen drive.  So why on earth would I want to download them to flickr.
Well… having set up a twitter account (and am damn well addicted), blog, netvibe accounts for personal and work use, I can start to see the benefits of sharing online.  Plus, it frees up hard drive space if you delete them.  Yes! delete them.  They are online, easy access as long as you don’t forget your login, and you have got your backup, just in case.

I’ve got so many photos I’ve even had to upgrade to flickr pro.  But I have to confess, I get a certain glow of pride when I see that my photos have been viewed.  Even the daft ones.  I did deliberate as to whether I should include the daft ones as well as the more photogenic ones (see the Venice collection) but then I thought well…why not.

I love taking photos, I use a variety of devices, but tend to go back to my manual 35mm film Olympus OM10 with a 28 – 70mm zoom lens.  It never fails to produce astonishing photos.  All the Venice collection were taken with this.  My favourite time of day for taking photos is early morning, spring or autumn for the clarity of light.

To browse my photos on flickr visit


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