Recently I’ve been working on putting together netvibes pages for the lrc at work.  Netvibes was founded by Tariq Krim in 2005 and gives the user a homepage that they can personalise with widgets, blogs, websites etc.  I call it a portal to everything you want to get to on the net.  A hub, a platform.

You get a public page and a private page.  These can have a number of pages on them (tabs) on which you can put practically anything you want.  It’s a perfect platform for a “one-stop-shop” for showcasing all the lrc services, directing staff and students, marketing the lrc, providing better communication between the lrc, staff and students and enhancing the services we provide.

Our public page is the face of the lrc.  It’s still very much work in progress as we need to build on a few services which are new to a number of colleagues.  Everyone seems to be very excited about it and champing at the bit to get blogs up and running.

Our private page sees every member of the LRC team getting a tab and the opportunity to put on there whatever they want.  I feel it is a great opportunity to use this as another means of communication, and a way for the team to get to know each other by what is placed on their pages.  We have a News page, rather like the wall where we can place messages of note.  My personal page contains the all essential (to me) calender, link to own blog, link to OU, link to AVO (Alaskan Volcano Observatory), Flickr, feed from Geology Social Network, and so on. I also see this as sharing good practice amongst team members.  Being on two campuses can isolate various team members.  This is a way to bring us all together.

One thing we have discovered with this exciting launch into web2.0 is that we spend more time thinking about the look of blogs, avatars, themes and icons than the content!

As discussed at our meeting, it can’t replace services already in place, but hopefully will provide a platform for staff and students to explore what the lrc is and has to offer.  It also gives them the opportunity to talk to us, provide comments, feedback and opinions.

If you want to view visit

It is still work in progress, most of which will be done in the summer recess ready for the September intake.  Please feel free to browse.


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