A Sunshine lift

garden-flowers-in-vase1 Working in the garden in the sunshine is a wonderful boost to the senses.  The sun warms the earth, the plants and petals encouraging them to release scents heady enough to intoxicate.  We have a large number of daffodils of all types, singles, doubles and frilly ones, different coloured trumpets, some with long narrow petals.  All of them absolutely beautiful and some of them heavily scented.  Add to that bluebells and anemones and the garden is the best place to be.  I love this time of year, especially on a day like today.  The sun is out, but there’s a sharp nip in the air keeping the temperature down, and the air is crystal clear.  The clarity of the air makes everthing pin sharp so that the countryside here sparkles like freshly washed cut glass.  Lazy, fuzzy, fat bumble bees visit the hellebores and heady with nectar bump into foliage on their search for more.  The sheep in the field next to us rush down eager to see if we have anything for them to eat, not content with a scratch on the nose or behind the ears.  A visitor takes the opportunity to bask in the sunshine and keep an eye on the feathered visitors to the bird feeders.



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