One of life’s pleasures

Tuesday mornings are to be relished.  I work late on Tuesdays which means I do not have to get up at the crack of dawn, or in my case the drumming of the woodpecker in the neighbouring wood.  I read, I twitter, I’ve even been known to do some studying, but most of all I watch.  I sit in the kitchen looking out on to the back garden and fields and watch the wildlife.  Mainly birds, but occasionally squirrels, frogs, voles and field mice, oh and not forgetting our resident toad family.  Our little pond is full of frogspawn so I can spend long hours on tadpole watch this summer.

dsc000181We gave the squirrels their own feeder, one they have to lift the lid to get to the peanuts.  It works really well but they still pinch the feed from the bird feeders although  some squirrels haven’t quite got the hang of it!squirrel-in-a-box21

They are also very cheeky.

The birds are getting ready for spring and love is in the air.  I especially like to watch the antics of the blackbirds who chase each other up and down the garden.  The dunnocks and sparrows are quite aggressive towards the females and get carried away with the chase, often ganging up on one female which often ends up in fisticuffs, or should that be beakicuffs.

We are very fortunate to attract a large range of birds to the feeders and look forward to welcoming back our visitors from warmer climes such as the siskins.  They are so small and slight and the most beautiful green colour with lime coloured flashes on the wings.

We have a pair of woodpeckers that visit, they like the peanut fat towers with insects.  But my all time favourites, and they’ve only started to visit the garden over the last 6 months, are the long tailed tits.  They never visit alone, they always visit in groups.

pheasants-11 Some of our more flamboyant visitors are the pheasants.  We get the normal pheasants and then we occasionally get our spectacular Reeves Pheasants.  These have the most amazing markings and coloured feathers.  Their tail feathers are outlandishly long.  They are also quite tame and have been known to take seed from your hand.reeves-pheasant4 This is Zorro, so named for his mask!

So there you have it.  Tuesday is my pleasure day, taking time out to enjoy what is all around us 🙂


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