Selling books online

img_0306If you are like me, you have books all over the place.  I can’t pass a bookshop without calling in.  It’s my one weakness!  I occasionally weed a few out and then what?  Do I bin them, do I recycle them (and how exactly do you recycle books?) or do I sell them?  On checking sites where you can sell books, the big two are the obvious eBay and Amazon.  I’ve not really got into eBay.  Probably because I can’t be bothered, plus I did bid a couple of times and it was not a pleasant experience so I gave up.  Amazon seems a good bet.  We run a bookshop at work for the students and staff.  The books are new books.  We also run a second hand service which we want to put online, hence the interest.  Researching selling books on Amazon revealed that postage has to be paid and that Amazon take a percentage currently 17% and a bit.  That’s quite a hefty chunk if you have a cheapish book to sell which is why so many of the books on there are available for a ridiculous 1p.

logo1So with Amazon and eBay out of the frame, where to go next.  Googling brought to my attention.  Nice site, clean, uncluttered, you choose your price and postage (with a little help) upload the information and off you go.  Buyers press “Buy this Book” and an email is automatically sent to you to confirm that the book is still available.  You reply and the two of you coordinate the transaction.  More can be found on the site.  I going to give it a try by putting a few of my books on the site.

greenThe other site was tweeted to me by @Nettlecake.  A different approach to selling books with an enviromental twist.  A radical approach.  Every book on there costs £3.75.  The seller gets £3.00 of this and 5p is donated to Woodlands Trust.  Postage on most items is free, the heavier items do attract a bit of postage.

So still a bit of research and trialling to do, Oh and recycling books – give them a new home 🙂


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